Directions in words...

From the airport you drive against Cadiz (AP-7).


Choose the toll road (AP7) and pass two tollbooth (on in Calahonda and the other one in San Pedro).


After the second you keep going against Cadiz, but when you arriving Estepona, keep going agaist Cadiz, but on A7.


You need to take the Exit 153 (very important you go right here, otherwise you’ll go the toll road and pass the villa and then go back, and this take 25-30 mins extra and cost you money).


Keep going against Cadiz (A7 and N-340).


After the exit there wil be four roundabouts where you’ll choose going straight ahead (the first one is the fourth exit, so little to the left against Cadiz).


After passing the third roundabout you’ll see Burger King and Mercadona (supermarket store) on the right hand side (that’s the closest supermarket, by the way). Just after Mercadona there is a fourth roundabout. 4-500 mtrs after the roundabout on the left you’ll see the houses, but in order to exit the road you need to continue to the next roundabout and choose the third exit and go back against Estepona.


When you see the houses you also surrounded by the Bahia Dorada communities (there are 6 phases, and the house is at Bahia Dorada 4).


When you’ve left the roundabout behind you, you’ve the water to the right, and after 200 mtrs you’ll pass a “passengers bridge” (a bridge you use to go over the road). 50 mtrs after that you turn off the road by the sign “Bahia Dorada 4”.


Once you’ve exit there is a small roundabout and you drive to the left. By the end of this small road you’ll find the duplex to the right.


I’ve put a sign “11C” under “Dplx9” and the entrance is on stair down (just to the right of the doors there is a sign; “Goodlife 4 11C”.

A short version

After taking the Exit 153 you'll take 4 roundabouts:


1st roundabout (4rd exit against Cadiz, Algeciras)

2nd roundabout (2nd exit/straight ahead)

3rd roundabout (2nd exit/straight ahead)

4th roundabout (2nd exit/straight ahead)

5th roundabout (3rd exit, back against Estepona)


In the 5th roundabout you'll "go back against the direction you came from.


After apprx 300 meters you'll see and pass a blue/purble walking bridge. 50 meters after the bridge you take right at the sign "Bahia Dorada 4".


In the very small roundabout you take to the left. 150 meters, at the end to the right. 11C. There is a sign outside the door "Goodlife 4 11C".

For rent

Estepona Waterfront Duplex

3/4-beds 2-bath (11+1 beds)


Los Boliches CityApartment

4-beds 1-bath (9+1 beds)


LaCala LuxuryApartment

2-beds 2-bath (6+1 beds)


For sale

Estepona Waterfront DuplexGardenApartment

4-beds 2-bath €450,000


Los Boliches Apartment

4-beds 1-bath €198,000


La Cala de Mijas Apartment

2-beds 2-bath €239,000