Electricity in Spain

We would like to inform you little about how the electricity in Spain works, as it is different than many other countries, especially in the north of Europe.


The electricity is very expensive (which is not an issue about the Goodlife Properties as the electricity is included in the properties except the duplex and villas) in Spain and the net for electricity is in many places poor. Especially in older house/properties/areas you will discover that you need to keep in mind to use the appliances where you need electricity with smartness/awareness.


Each property/apartment has a limitation of electricity. The limitation is depending on the quality and standard of the electricity cables from the power station to the property. And then inside the property to the apartment (if you are renting an apartment).


In the agreement between the electricity company and the property owner there is a limiit, a Potencia Contratada, in how much power that can be used at the same time. If you use more than the Potencia Contratada, the electricity automatically will switch off and will be switched on after a while (between 5-60 mins is normal). 


All Goodlife properties have the maximum of available Potencia Contratada/capacity. How much your rental property has please see the information about each property.


How to use the electricity

To avoid that the power goes off, you need to be aware what you use and how you use the power at the same time. A typical situation when the power switches off is if you are running all air conditioners at the same time as you using the dishwasher, washing machine and decided to use the hair dryer. Or if you cook and do the laundry at the same time.


Be smart and aware while using the electricity. If you do there will be no problem and if you don't you soon will learn how to do to keep the power going...


To be aware of how much power each of the appliances uses please see the guide below.


Consumption for each appliances

To be aware how much appliances you can use at the same time you will here find a guide of apprx how much power every appliances need:

  • Aircondition (each unit) 300-350W
  • Boiler (for hot water) 500-2000W (not all the time)
  • Hair dryer 1600-2000W
  • Oven 1000-1500W
  • Hob  1000-1500W
  • Washing machine 1000-2000W
  • Dish washer 1200-1500W
  • Tumble dryer 1500-2000W
  • Vacum cleaner 300-800W
  • TV 100-250W


Normally the Potencia Contratada accept some higher power during a shorter time. But as you can see above, it's much power to consume if you use many things at the same time.


Our best advise...

...is to try out and see how much you can use at the same time, in the property you have rented. But don't try out when you really need the power....


And one more thing; by being aware and use less electricity you also do a good thing for our environment....


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