Since 2011 we have been offering sun chair for our guest. Over the year we have spend thousands of euros buying new sun chair. In order to keep this extra service (not many property owners over the coast are offering this) we have made a policy that says this:


"Our guests may use the sun chair and by doing this they agree to pay for any sun chairs that are broken upon their departure (whatever the reason is). Goodlife will inspect all sun chairs before arrival. The guest are responsible for inspect the sun chairs and must within 24 hours of arriving to the apartment send a claim/report if any of them is broken. The cost of a broken chair is €30. If the guest don't want to use them they should send an email within 24 hours of arrival, and Goodlife will pick them up."


With this policy we give the guest an opportunity to use sun chairs for free, instead of buying them (€25-35) and them let them stay in the apartment (guests normally don't bring them home at the plane). The policy means that it will be cheaper for the guest to use sun chairs. And also that the guest will be more careful while using them.


The most sun chairs breaks when they are folded after a day on the beach. By not using violence, understanding the technique by lifting the handles while unfolding the chair, you will save some money, not paying for a broken chair.


Enjoy the chairs on the beach and/or by the pool.

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4-beds 2-bath €450,000


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2-beds 2-bath €245,000


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