Ongoing construction...

La Cala de Mijas is consider the most sought after area at Costa del Sol, with a lot of new projects, built to a very high standard and costs. During this time, there are many on-going projects in the area. Also Calablanca. There is one project to be finished East of Calablanca and another one West of Calablanca.


These projects are "neighbour" and very close and can be disturbing during the stay. We are sorry for that, but we can't do anything about it.


The East of Calablanca project will finish in June 2019 and the West of Calablanca 2020. But please be aware that the West of Calablanca-project are ongoing....


For sale

Estepona Waterfront DuplexGardenApartment

4-beds 2-bath €450,000


La Cala de Mijas Apartment

2-beds 2-bath €245,000


Townhouse Fuengirola

2-bed 1-bath €120,000