General conditions

Payment conditions

Upon booking the client pay a security deposit together with 30% of the total rent. This must be done not later than 2 days after filling out the Booking form at this website. The last payment must be done not later than 30 days before arrival. The security deposit is refundable at cancellation but the 30% and full payment are not.


Overall conditions for the apartment and the rental

A Goodlife Holiday-property comes with a high standard and well equipped. In order to maintain this high standard there are general conditions that the client needs to follow and accept. A feeling of coming home and with carefulness and enthusiastic feeling Goodlife encourage their clients to pay much attention and care, in the apartment during their stay. The client must also follow the community rules and be silent after 23.00, not disturbing any neighbors, since the properties are all located in residential areas.



Normal usage is included in the price. If there is any damage in furntiture, interior, construction, or any decorations/items, the client need to report this in the QualityForm upon departure. The client is responsible for all damages and other costs accuring during the stay, caused by the client. By signing the booking form and/or using the property the client accept this responsibilty.



The clients are also, during the time between inspection 1 and 2, responsible for the keys they have signed for. If any keys are lost the clients are charged €10 for every key. For the remote control to the garage it's €80. The cost will be deducted to the reservation or if it's already used, the client will receive an invoice which the client must pay within 10 days.


Late arrival

For clients arriving to the apartment after 23.00 there is an extra fee of €35. For arrivals  after 01.00 it's €50 extra and after 02.00 it's €15/hour (plus the €50).



The price is without normal final cleaning, so that the clients could decide if they want to clean themselves.  If the cleaning is made by the client, Goodlife will make a Certified Cleaning Report (see following information) at the cost of the guest. If the cleaning/some of the cleaning not is according to the Goodlife Standard, Goodlife will correct and make wherever it takes so that the cleaning keeps the Standard.


Certified Cleaning Report

In order to keep a high standard and that every guest will get their property clean and fresh, independently whether who did the final cleaning, Goodlife work with a Certified Cleaning Report (every report is adjusted after the property and you will find it under each property at the Client Zone). After each guest Goodlife will check everything according to the Cleaning Report and will take the necassary precausions in order to keep up with the Goodlife Standard. The guests will be carged, for making the Report as well as the time to get the apartment in Goodlife Standard.



Towels and beddigs are normally not included in the price. However you can choose to get a price with towels/beddings included. We could arrange laundry at your cost (we deduct the cost from the deposition). Please book this service before your arrival. We charge for each person laundry (one small towel, one big towel, one beach towel and a set of beddings). You'' find the price under the prices of every property. Please note that order later than 30 days before arrival comes together with an adm.fee for late order.



The client must give Goodlifes the instructions where to transfer the deposit. The transfer will be done not later than 10 days after departure. Any costs for damages, keys, cleaning, inspection, laundry, late arrival will be deducted from the deposit. If the ammount is higher than the deposit the client will be sent an invoice, which they must to pay, not later than 10 days after the invoice have been emailed to them.



If you apartment/villa has gas for the stove, and it's became empty, please goto nearest gas station to change bottle (apprx €12-15). Save the receipt and send to us after your visit and we will cover this cost.


Number of persons in the property

The guest signing for the property is resonsible for that there will not be more persons in the apartment than it says in the booking form. All persons must, by law, be registered. This also means that the property not can be used for external activities and parties. The signing guest will be charged breaking this condition.



During your stay (as well as both before and after your rental) we’re available at the following emailaddress: This support is free of charge and we will respond as quickly as we can (normally within 24 hours). We’ve a team nearby your apartment, and they can assist you in any practical way or in emergency. There is a service fee of using this extra service (prices upon request). Please be aware that we don't have any serviceteam which can assist you for free in any matters (except the emailservice provided by Goodlife Holiday). You'll rent the apartment in that condition you inspect it in and things happening/not working you can report to us upon departure.

For sale

Estepona Waterfront DuplexGardenApartment

4-beds 2-bath €450,000


La Cala de Mijas Apartment

2-beds 2-bath €245,000


Townhouse Fuengirola

2-bed 1-bath €120,000