Guest Satisfaction System

To have happy guests is the only way to success. This is our priority number one. We want happy guests, that really appreciate our passion.


In order to guarantee the right quality we use different reports and check-lists. We also ask our client to give us their reviews at the end of the rentals. For the purpose we use the HappyGuest-Form.


Please contact us for a complete demonstation: info@goodlifeholiday 


Quality Report (QR)

Upon both arrival and departure we do a Quality Report (QR) together with the guest, in order to be certain the guest are happy with every room, the cleaning. It's also here the guest sign for the keys, poolcards, towels, beddings etc. Before every Quality Report Goodlife Holiday Rentals do a Functional Report (FR). 


Checklist for cleaning (CFC)

A checklist for cleaning that contains everything that should been done before every arrival. In this way we get the property in same condition for every guest that arrives. Nothing is forgotten as everything is signed by staff from Goodlife Holiday Rental.


Functional Report (FR)

The Functional Report (FR) is done by Goodlife Holiday Rentals and is a check-list of everything that are inspected and the function is controlled. Every property have their own Functional Report based of how many rooms, what kind of facilities, equipments etc there is to control. 

Happy Guest-Form (HGF)

Upon every departure the customer gets the form in which we kindly ask them for their opionion about the quality of our services as well as a review about the property (decoration, furniture, equipment, location etc. In this way the property owner can get a picture of what the customer like/dislike and which strenghts and weaknesses the property have, from a rental point of view.

For sale

Estepona Waterfront DuplexGardenApartment

4-beds 2-bath €450,000


La Cala de Mijas Apartment

2-beds 2-bath €245,000


Townhouse Fuengirola

2-bed 1-bath €120,000